Wire [|waɪə(r)]: verb; to send money using an electrical communication system

Barley [|bɑ:rli]: noun; 1. a widely distributed cereal plant belonging to the genus Hordeum, of the grass family; 2. history’s first known money-Sumerian barley, appeared in Sumer, Mesopotamia, around 3000 BC

Fees and FX rates
Traditional fund transfer via banks involves multiple parties which results in high costs and long processing time. In addition, FX rate where banks' primary revenue stems from is not only unfavorable to customers but also not fully transparent.
In most corridors we cover, we offer money transfer services at highly competitive rates compared to banks.
Needless to say, the biggest beneficiaries of the cost saving are our customers and their families.
Our Coverage
WireBarley is a FinTech startup that provides mobile/online based cross-border remittance service in Asia-Pacific region.
We are one of the first pioneers in Australia in 2012 and now quickly expanding into other countries including Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA.WireBarley Corporation is duly licensed (#2018-8) by Ministry of Strategy and Finance (“MOSF”) of Republic of Korea; WireBarley Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 615 413 799) and WireBarley NZ Limited (FSP618389), which are the wholly owned subsidiaries of WireBarley Corporation, are registered with AUSTRAC (in Australia), FSPR and Department of Interior (in New Zealand) for the remittance business.


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Partner of Management Consulting

Global Business Division at SEC

Global Business Division at SEC



WireBarley offers cooperative business opportunities to partners across the globe. We provide a comprehensive suite from user interface (mobile application and web) to cross-border/multi currency remittance system. Our future partners can start money transfer business in their own countries without the prohibitive infrastructure expenditure. Simply plug into our platform, then you and your customers can benefit from our fast, cost efficient, and secure payment network.
For more information, please send inquiry to biz@wirebarley.com